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We can use the power supply taps provided on the Werkstatt to add a Volume control functionality to our Werkstatt.  Having a volume knob may allow players to better integrate the Werkstatt into their setup.  

3D Printing

1 x 3.3kΩ Resistor

1 x10kΩ Potentiometer

Jumper Cables




For this mod we will be using the -9V power supply present on our Werkstatt PCB.  This can be found at taps T1 and T2. We will run this -9V line into terminal B on our potentiometer.  For  detailed terminal definitions refer to figure 1.


Figure 1. Potentiometer terminal defintions. 


 Next we will plug our 3.3k resistor into our wiper (W) terminal.  This will be where we will pull our volume control signal from.  Finally connect ground to terminal A.  With our signal line coming from our 3.3k resistor, run into our VCA IN.  This will provide an increase in negative voltage as we turn our pot clock-wise, lowering the volume.  Refer to figure 2 for specific jumper configurations. 

Figure 2. VCA volume control. 




This project also comes with 3D printer files to print your own housing.  See figure 3 for a 3D rendering of the top and bottom panels for this housing. 

Figure 3 VCA Volume control top panel. 


Fritzing is an open source visual breadboarding software.




on my board TP1 or TP2 are closed by a drop of soler: how can I connect easily a jumper cable to these tighly stopperd connections?

thanks for your help

3D files are missing ???

Pressure Sensitive Resistor
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