Pressure Sensitive Resistor

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Project Summary 

In this simple mod we will be exploring using various unique resistors to interact with our Werkstatt.  We will be using a force sensitive 10k resistor to interact with our VCA.  


1 x 10kΩ Force Resistor


Jumper Cables





1 x 10kΩ Resistor



In this simple mod we will be using a force sensitive resistor to control our VCA. A force sensitive resistor changes its resistance based on the amount of pressure applied to it.  These come in various values in both applied pressure and resistance.  We will be using a 1lb force 10kΩ force sensitive resistor.  Take a jumper cable and run from the +9V tap at T9/T12.  Connect this jumper to your force resistor via your breadboard.  On the opposite terminal of the resistor place your 10kΩ resistor.  From this secondary discrete resistor run a jumper cable to your VCA IN pin header.  See figure 1 for an exact jumper configuration. 


Figure 1. Force resistor VCA mode. 




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