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Many synthesizers have a pitchbend wheel included for dynamic musical expressions. We will use a 10kΩ SoftPot to emulate the pitchbend wheel and add a fun functionality to our Werkstatt.

3D Printing

1 x 10kΩ SoftPot

1 x 1MΩ Potentiometer



Jumper Cables







This modification will add use a SoftPot to act like a Pitchbend wheel for our Werkstatt.  Softpot potentiometers are touch sensitive resistors that vary resistance based on where along an axis it is shorted.  They come in varying lengths and values, for this mod we will be using a 50mm 10kΩ SoftPot.  Run a jumper from our +9V supply tap at T9/T12 to our the W of our 1MΩ pot. This pot will change the spread our pitchbend has on the overall frequency. See figure 1 for potentiometer terminal definitions. 

Figure 1. Potentiometer terminal definitions. 

Run another jumper form the A or B terminal of the 1MΩ pot to the A or B terminal on your 10kΩ SoftPot.  The A or B lead of our SoftPot will define the direction of our SoftPot interaction.  Experiment with this and find which direction you prefer. Once we pick a SoftPot terminal, run a jumper from the W terminal to our Werkstatt's VCO EXP IN.  Now we will connect the final terminal of our Softpot to our Werkstatt's ground.  We will need to pull ground from our Werkstatt, which can be found at any screw terminal.  See figure 2  for exact jumper configurations. 


Figure 2. Pitchbend mod jumper configuration. 


This project also comes with 3D printer files to print your own housing.  See figure 3 for a 3D rendering of the top and bottom panels for this housing. 


  Fritzing is an open source visual breadboarding software.





MakerBot creates desktop 3D printers and scanners for professionals and the home. 




How can I run a jumper into T9 or T12 if they are soldered?

I've not done it yet, but I will. I'd just put a dab of solder on the wire and then touch the soldered wire to the T9 or T12 and a thin soldering iron tip and voila... did you try it?

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