Steve Dunnington


Steve Dunnington

What city do you call home?

Asheville NC


What’s your day job? (what you do to pay the bills)

Product Development Specialist at Moog Music Inc. I design Moog Synths, including the Werkstatt! 


What’s your passion outside of work? (what you do for the love of it…)

I spend time with my family, play music, cook, and sometimes go fishing. 


What/who got you interested in electronics?

As far as electronics, My grandfather was a HAM (W8HTO) and had a workshop in his basement in Ohio - I got to go down there as a kid and see him talking to folks as far away as Texas using Morse code on a key switch.


As far as electronic music, the record, "The electroacoustic works of Iannis Xenakis" really altered my perception of musical sound and the possibilities of the electronic music studio. 


If you could have any physicist/engineer (living or dead) as a teacher who would it be?

Leon Theremin is up there for sure!  I wish I had got to spend more time with Bob Moog. 


What is your favorite hack or modification that you've ever done?

I'm not a big hacker - I'm usually too easily amused by gear the way it is. I like designing stuff though. Does that count?   


How have you modified your Werkstatt?

I designed a breakout board for it that uses 3.5mm jacks and provides ground connection through the chassis. I'm working on a couple other things... 


What learning opportunities do you see being possible with Werkstatt?

I see it as a platform for exploring the physics of sound and of analog synthesizer circuits. Music and art is, after all, a form of applied physics. 


Where can others find you?

Oh, you crazy kids...