Ian Hill


Ian Hill


What city do you call home?



What’s your day job? (what you do to pay the bills)

I repair synthesizers at the Analog Lab and work in sales at Main Drag Music. 


What’s your passion outside of work? (what you do for the love of it…)

I make funky music in my home studio. 


What/who got you interested in electronics?

My love for vintage analog synthesizers required me to learn how to repair, maintain and modify them. 


If you could have any physicist/engineer (living or dead) as a teacher who would it be?

Bob Moog. 


What is your favorite hack or modification that you've ever done?

I built a custom gate routing/ manipulation box. Which allows me to control multiple synths/ sequencers with various drum machines and other analog hardware. It’s a fun time.  


How have you modified your Werkstatt?

I have added a Sub oscillator circuit using the 4017 divider chip... Soo phatt! 


What learning opportunities do you see being possible with Werkstatt?

The Werkstatt is not only a great platform for learning synthesis but it is a great way to learn about the electronic components that build up the individual parts that create a synthesizer. The Werkstatt also gives the user a unique learning experience through the opportunity to modify the existing circuits to create a unique and personal instrument


Where can others find you?

Soundcloud: www.soundcloud.com/theianhill

Instagram: eyesnoeyes