Tap points filled

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Tap points filled

All of the taps on my Werkstatt PCB are filled. In all the videos the taps are nice clean holes. Am I missing something or am I going to have to desolder all of the taps?

Tap points filled

Mine are filled as well. I haven't done it yet, but a quick removal of the solder is all that should be needed.

Byron J
The prototyping area in mine

The prototyping area in mine is clear, but most of the test point (TP) pads are filled.

Solder wick, or a small desoldering pump should fix it.

Having soldered other stuff inside mine, I'll add that the solder didn't want to melt very easily. I get nervous about leaving the hot soldering iron inside things too long, because you might melt or burn something that you didn't mean to. I try to work hot & work fast.

A tiny dab of fresh rosin-core solder helped get it to flow, and once it was flowing, the pump pulled it right out.