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Patch sheets

Here's my template for a Werkstatt patch sheet and some simple patches I made in my first day with it. Please feel free to use it and post your own patches.

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Patch sheets

Thanks, uploading a patch later=)

Awesome. Thanks!

Awesome. Thanks!


Thanks for sharing. How can we upload patch sheets?

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I used Google drive to host

I used Google drive to host the pic. Just make sure you allow those you share the link with to download it. You can edit the pic in Paint or something like it.

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The patch sheet inspired me..

The patch sheet idea inspired me. I took the idea and ran with it producing a web page that allows you to adjust the settings with the mouse. Then using Web Audio I added a crude approximation of the sound. Also added Web Midi support if you have Chrome browser. I designed the code so that it can be used as an example of how to use Web Audio and Web Midi interfaces. The web page is at
Feel free to "Save Page As" and play with the code etc. has two synths on the page.

Have Fun! I have!

Dr Data
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I followed the link and was

I followed the link and was glad to see this is still online. Nice work!

RE: The patch sheet inspired me

This is awesome Codewizard. How did you make that?