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Hi, I am not a very circuit-savvy person, but I am curious if you guys have considered creating a modification that would allow for the creation and playing of microtonal scales.

Thanks, and Hi to Steve.


Byron J
There are many possibilities.

There are many possibilities.

If you're Ok with equal-tempered microtonal scales, there's a trimpot inside that adjusts the scale that the keys play - it's near the LFO LED. It lets you adjust the interval that the keyboard spans. Be warned that adjusting that pot will undo the the even-tempered octave, and it can be rather tedious to get it back into tune.

The equal-tempering is pretty intrinsic to the keyboard circuit, though.

A second option would be to add some sort of external CV hardware that allows for the scaling. I've played a Buchla that had a knob on every touchpad, which let you tune each one separately.

With a microcontroller (AKA Arduino), you could program a CV processing device that adjusted scaling and pitch quantization however you wanted. Read a CV from an ADC input, adjust as necessary, write to a DAC output.