Lesson Summary 

Recognize written notes and octaves.

Sharp - Added to a note to indicate one semitone above the current note.  Represented visually by a #.
Flat -  Added to a note to indicate one semitone below the current note. Represented visually by a b. 
Octave -  The interval between one musical pitch and another with half or double its frequency. A440 is one octave above A220 and and octave below A880. 
Enharmonic equivalent -  Two notes that share the same pitch.  An example would be Eb and D#. Eb is one semitone flat (lower) than E and D# is one semitone sharp (higher) than D. 
Note value - Temporal information associated with a note. 

The Werkstatt features 13 buttons that represent all notes in a twelve tone equal temperament tuning system plus an octave.




Examine the melodic line below.  List the notes, note values, intervals, and song this line is pulled from. (Hint: It was featured in VCO.MUS.1